Hello, I'm Michael Coleman

and I'm a Computer Science student at UNC.

Recent Projects


"A hacker’s tool for keeping web passwords up-to-date.

Passup.js is a password updater built on CasperJS and PhantomJS that takes some of the pain out of rotating web passwords."

~ Alan C Thomas

Passup.js is a new open source project. I contributed a skype adapter (you can change your skype password with ease). I also organized and coded a module for passup to get it ready to publish on the npm registry.

Tech used: NodeJS, CasperJS, npm, and Javascript


This is a web app I built to parse markdown-like documents into flashcards. Flashdown makes it possible to write your notes in class in a human-readable format and then study your notes later. Flashdown complements the Cornell Process extremely well:

  1. Take your notes in class
  2. After class, go back and write questions for your notes.
  3. Use Flashdown to study your notes!

Tech used: AngularJS, PegJS, and Bootstrap


I had some free time one day, and I was planning on taking a screenshot of my desktop for /r/unixporn. I decided that I wanted a cool looking game of life simulation in a terminal to complement my setup. I figured I'd install one off the npm registry. I quickly realized none of the packages fit what I needed.

So I figured I'd just write a quick conway simulator myself. This was just a quick weekend project and is tested on ubuntu.

Tech used: npm, NodeJS

About Me

I'm currently studing Computer Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I have experience with many programming languages like Java, C#, Javascript, Ruby, Python, and C.

I've worked on a few projects from console applications to websites. I'm comfortable with tools like Git, Unity3D, Grunt, Sublime Text 3, and Visual Studio. I've recently used AngularJS, NodeJS, MongoDB, express.js, and Typescript.

I started learning how to program in middle school and instantly fell in love (I used Windows 2000). I can't go a few weeks without experimenting on a new technology.

If your interested in hearing from me, either shoot me an email or connect with me on linkedin or twitter.